This card is for Bespoke designs.


How bespoke card designs work


There is a difference between a personalised card and a bespoke card. Depending on what design you would like, prices will vary. 

Personalised card -

Using artwork I already have to create a card with a personalised message for (EXAMPLE: flamingo illustration with the personalised message "Happy Birthday Milly")

Bespoke Card -

Is an option for you if I currently don't have a card design idea or illustration that you are looking for.


1. It might be using a card design I already have with other illustrations, new ones or older to create a new design.


2. Illustrations that would have to be created for the card. You might be looking for a certain animal or perhaps someones favourite alcohol to celebrate a special birthday etc. 


T&Cs of a bespoke card is that the design is versatile with the option of being able to be reused in the future. This is a flexible way of creating a design that works for you while expanding my illustration portfolio for future projects.

A Personal Bespoke Design

​This option is for a more personal bespoke card design idea.

(EXAMPLE: A card design of you and a loved one)

As this artwork can not be reused and is completely bespoke to you. It is classed as a commission and will be charged under commission prices.


What the Personal Bespoke Design will include. 


As part of the price, you will get the card and a digital version of the artwork. For the option of getting it professionally printed or whatever you wish to do with the work. I do also offer the option to create a print of the artwork for an additional cost on top of the commission price.


  For any questions enquiries or card ideas please send me a message using the chatbox or email me to  I look forward to making your ideas become reality! 


A choice of a large card measuring approximately 145mm x 145mm or a small card measuring approximately 122mm x 122mm.


Includes an envelope and cellophane wrapping to protect the card.


Made in the UK


Please bare in mind prices can vary depending on the artwork and if it can be reused. 


Designs By Ellie de Sousa All Rights reserved. 

Bespoke Card

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