Running a business and shielding!

Follow my shielded journey on staying safe whilst running my business.

One of the jobs on my list. Organising my stationary.

It's week 15 of lock down. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Corona is kind of packing its bags and on its way. Hooray! Life seems to be finally getting back to normal for some. But unfortunately, I’m a shielded person. I was born with a genetic condition called Cystic Fibrosis. CF for short. Now don’t start feeling sorry for me, I’ve got a fantastic life! On 23rd of March I received a text advising me to stay at home for 12 weeks. 12 WEEKS?! I was devastated, got abit pouty then told myself to get a grip.

How am I supposed to run my business now I can’t even leave the house?

I made the decision after discussions with my family that the safest thing to do was to close my shop for anything other then cards. No post office trips for me for the foreseeable. What was I going to do now? bite the bullet and FINALLY do some admin? Use this time to update my website and Etsy shop? Ah nope, I organised my pencil case and studio of course. Once the pretty organised bits were out of the way, the admin and techy work could begin. After a week the tick list was complete, Yay! Meanwhile any card orders I received I sent my dad out to post them for me.

3 weeks had passed and the idea of only staring at the walls in my house was starting to drive me abit crazy. So, I decided to take the plunge and post my card orders myself, late at night. I'VE ESCAPED! ok, so I might have turned into a vampire, but I was FREE! I’ve Never been so excited to see a post box in my life. The start of my late-night trips to the post box. (I know, naughty) .

After weeks of my night time post adventures, We had passed the peak and the virus is on a downwards tread. The conversation came up again but this time about reopening my shop. We decided it was now safe to do so. Welcome Ollie my post parcel helper, my brother.

To my surprise my business has been busier than ever. Cards, wrapping paper, commissions, cushions the lot! I had no chance against the big online retailers, so I thought... but it made me realise how much people want to support the small businesses throughout this pandemic. I am so grateful for the support because you have not only helped me financially but mentally too. It’s hard being a shielded person, you feel vulnerable taking in your deliveries let alone going for a walk in the day time. So, staying at home all day every day can really get to you even as someone who's an optimistic person. But having the orders, packaging them up, driving my brother to the post office. Being able to get a new change of scene from the safey of my own car. Lots of excited commissions (my favourite of all) has really kept me going and my passion alive!

Thank you for supporting a small business. Thank you for supporting products that are designed and manufactured in the UK.

I hope you have all stayed safe, just remember " stay positive, better days are on their way".

I’d love to hear your lock down stories, so if you feel like sharing why not post them in the comment section below!

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Ellie x

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